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Live the adventure in the colonial streets with a rental car in Colima and discover the secrets of the city

True Mexico adventurers always take the time to visit Colima, as they are rewarded with a city rich in culture and history.

From exploring the city's colonial heritage to enjoying the nightlife, there is something for everyone in Colima. To know the virtues of Colima, it is always favorable to travel by car, Colima has several car rental points in Colima.

There are a variety of things to do in Colima, from exploring the city's many museums and churches to enjoying the nightlife.

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Colima is the capital of the Mexican state of the same name. For a few years now, Colima has been positioning itself as one of the most attractive cities in Mexico to live and visit. It is not only the capital of natural beauty, but also of the friendship, hospitality, and warmth of its inhabitants.

It is located in the west of the state, on the Colima river. The city has a population of around 250,000 people. The city is the seat of the state government and the site of the well-known main campus of the University of Colima.

Something that is always important to know that it has large, one of the most important shopping centers in the region. Colima is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. There are many things to see and do, and the people are friendly and welcoming. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, be sure to include Colima in your itinerary!

Get to know the city of Colima and discover why this little pearl of the Mexican Pacific has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.


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For this, you can rent a car with Infinity Car Rental, these are some of the best things to do in Colima:

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Museums in Colima

It has a series of museums that show the history and culture of the city. The most popular museum is the Museum of the City of Colima, which presents a variety of exhibits on the history of the city, Museum of the Revolution and Independence that will tell you about our history.

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Colima Architecture

Exploring colonial architecture in the center of the city, Colima is home to countless beautiful churches, including the Colima Cathedral and the Iglesia de San Antonio de Padua, with great architectural highlights from the colonial era of the time.

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Colima's nightlife

we will keep you animated with all the activities you can do, with a variety of bars and clubs to choose from.

Among other activities, such as taking a walk through the Colima Volcano National Park or visiting our Colima Zoo. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience everything that Colima has to offer, all of which you can explore in a rental car in Colima!

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Discover places on the outskirts of Colima such as the Revillagigedo Archipelago, La Cumbre Hill, El Salto, Estero Palo Verde, San Gabriel Caves, La Piedra de Juluapan, Crystalline Springs in Coquimatlan, Nevado de Colima National Park.


The process of renting a car in Colima is basic with Infinity Car Rental, and you can do it online or in person at its branches.

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