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Explore the streets of a cosmopolitan city with a car rental in Guadalajara with Infinity Car Rental

In Guadalajara, there are a good number of activities to do accompanied by our loved ones, such as touring the center of the city or going to its magical towns such as visiting Tequila or Mazamitla.

The Magical Towns of Guadalajara are outstanding to visit in a rental car with insurance included. Infinity Car Rental offers you different types of vehicles, so you can go on an adventure and see all its wonders on your next road trip. .

Imagine touring the hills in the magical town of Mazamitla with its impressive mountains and wooded landscape in your 4x4 and seeing its incredible waterfall, or going to a party with your family in Tequila to learn about the process of harvesting, generating and producing tequila, even going to a quiet place like Tapalpa to walk among its old churches, handicraft shops, kiosks and old accesses, always surrounded by a dazzling wooded landscape in this beautiful Magical Town.

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Discover Guadalajara, my center, my heart of the city, with its colonial touches and the occasional international touch. In my streets, you can find stories about my foundation and the history of Mexico that lives in my streets.

I am known for my beautiful colonial buildings and my churches, did you know that I am a city with 365 churches with different architectural touches, this means that I can offer you a church for each day of the year?

You can visit my squares with your family, such as Plaza de la Liberación, the colonos forest or walk through the roundabout of the Jalisco people. In the same way, in my streets you can see entertainment areas to enjoy more of the history accompanied by delicious typical food with mariachi music in the background and a rich tequila.


Guadalajara is a beautiful city in Mexico full of culture, traditions, and history. It's also a great place to visit if you're looking to experience something new on this vacation to do.

It has an endless number of activities to explore on foot or with a rental car in Guadalajara, and with its attractions to keep you busy during your stay.

Some popular things to do in Guadalajara this 2023 include visiting the Guadalajara Cathedral, taking a walk through the Bosque de Chapultepec, and exploring the Historic Center of Guadalajara.

Of course, there are also several excellent places to eat and drink in the city. If you are looking for something to do in Guadalajara, be sure to consult our guide on what to do in Guadalajara that will tell you about activities and attractions. You are sure to find something that suits your interests and budget.


The process of renting a car in Guadalajara is easy and simple with Infinity Car Rental, you can do this online, by phone or in person.

You only have to choose a type of car for your adventure, and you will have to fill out a rental form. This form will ask you for basic information such as your name, contact details and the dates you will need the car. You will also be asked to select your payment method for the car rental in Guadalajara. The most common methods are by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card or in cash.