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Car rental in Manzanillo Airport

My location on the coast makes that since your plane is landing or while you make your way between the city you can see how it is that the sea appears on the horizon making you daydream about what will be your stay or you will feel inspired to do business in our port, since it is the second most used in this side of the country. 

I have a sunny climate, on average 350 days, which will allow you to enjoy activities such as diving, snorkeling or sport fishing, having a quieter care for the bay will allow you to sail and see the coral reefs that are in the area, if yours is not to be part of the action in the same way you can enjoy it as a spectator, I assure you that you will fill the memory of your phone with photographs of the view I have for you. 

After a day in the sun you can spend a night touring the colonial streets in search of the best place to have a drink or dinner one of the stellar dishes of the local cuisine such as ceviche Colima or shrimp à la diabla. 

Start planning your vacation, I can’t wait for us to make our own infinity. 

Yours truly: Manzanillo.

Live the experience and rent a car

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Manzanillo has an international airport, this is known by two names: Manzanillo International Airport and Playa de Oro International Airport; the second name has been received by the beach that is located parallel to the runway, since the sand of this has a similar tone to gold and has a soft texture.

The air routes it has is to Mexico City as the only national and, moreover, international routes lead to Los Angeles, Texas and Arizona in the United States and Calgary in Canada. 

Travelers who are received annually are around 160,000, these vary among those looking to have a relaxing holiday on the beach, Athletes who want to explore the reefs diving or competing in fishing tournaments and there are also those who visit Manzanillo for business reasons in the second largest seaport with circulation on the Pacific side.


With a rental car you will have your independence to make your stay what you want and need, from your arrival at the airport you can get your car with previous reservation or doing it at the same time.

Here are some of the places you can get to with your rental car: 

  • Iguanarium of Archundia: this sanctuary takes care of not only iguanas, but also other species such as raccoons, coatis and peccaries. An ideal place to spend some time with the family where they can learn about the species that live there, feed them and with your ticket you will make a donation so that this space continues to help the local fauna. 
  • Tortugario: for nature lovers this is another place that you can enjoy during your stay. Volunteers and workers give night tours to care for and discover turtle nests, they also recover the turtles that have been born until it is safe to return to the sea. They have talks and tours in which they will teach you more of this species. 
  • Malecón de Manzanillo: a walk along the malecón with the sunset painting the sky sounds like something you want to repeat every day that you stay, If you travel in the months of December to April you can get to see whales as this bay is one of their stops during their migratory tour. 
  • Mirador del cerro de la Cruz: this is a great physical activity to use as a moment of personal meditation or to live with your loved ones. When you reach the top of the hill you can admire the bay and the pacific sea.

Your best rental option when visiting Manzanillo is Infinity Car Rental, we give you the option to do it in advance online or in person in our offices. 

You can choose the car that best suits the type of trip, number of companions and budget you have, we want you to have the best possible experience. 

In your contract will come insurance included by rate, these have no additional cost, in case you want to add extras such as baby seats, gps among others to your rent to make your trip more comfortable, You can do this online or by arriving at our office.