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Car rental in Manzanillo

Travel through one of my bays letting the sea breeze of the Pacific caress your skin, you will have a day at the beach with my serene sea characteristic of Manzanillo and at night you can tour my colonial center where you will find many ways to have fun with family or friends. 

My surf, like the ocean from which it comes, is peaceful. This will let you fill your schedule with activities such as diving in our reefs, participating or watching fishing competitions or just cool off on the beach with a cold drink in hand. This is accompanied by an enviable climate since on average I have 350 sunny days a year.

My colonial streets will be the perfect setting for a special dinner tasting typical food of this area or you can take a walk in the moonlight surrounded by a unique atmosphere. 

Start planning your vacation, I can’t wait for us to make our own infinity. 

Yours truly: Manzanillo. 

Live the experience and rent a car

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Manzanillo is located on the coast of the Pacific Sea in the state of Colima, its strategic location makes it not only an excellent holiday destination leaving the routine that is created in a metropolis, if not that it is also the second commercial port with greater use in the Pacific coast, this has been in use since 1531 being one of the trade routes with Spain.   

Due to the geographical conditions of the area, this coastal area is located just over 100 kilometers from the state capital surrounding the hills and mountains that provide a spectacular view. With almost 160,000 inhabitants you will find a comforting peace.

With a rental car you can travel and know everything that Manzanillo and its proximity have to offer, because with a couple of hours on the road you can see how the landscape changes, moving from a tropical bay to one of mountains. 

Within your itinerary you can not forget to try its cuisine, being located on the coast its dishes have a delicious variety of seafood, some of the dishes that you can add to your daily menu: 

  • Ceviche Colima: this is characterized by the fact that in addition to the fish being cooked with lemon, orange is added to the cooking, as far as the vegetables are concerned, tomato, onion, bell pepper and grated carrot are chopped. A fresh dish to enjoy by the sea. 
  • Shrimp with the devil: for those who love the itch this is an ideal dish, as it is made with three types of chili, guajillo, tree and chipotle, it is also combined with tomato and various spices to obtain its characteristic flavor. 
  • Michi broth: for this broth can be used a diverse variety of fish, these are catfish, yellow carp or huachinango, for the broth is cooked fish in its juice along with vegetables, serrano pepper and chipotle pepper.  

Having a rental car during your stay in Manzanillo means having the freedom to go out and feed your adventurous spirit. You will be the owner of your vacation, you can lower the windows allowing the sea breeze to enter and make the stress leave your body. 

Some of the places you can get to with your rental car are: 

  • Iguanario Archundia: for those who love nature and animals this is a place where you can live with, not only iguanas, but you can also find raccoons, coatis and peccaries. This place works as a sanctuary for these species, when you buy your ticket remember that you will be contributing to the care of the resident animals. This is an excellent family activity. 
  • Malecón de Manzanillo: do not worry about waiting for public transport or a taxi, arrive at this malecon at the time you want, with a sunset that you can not miss or a marine show that arrives during the winter and early spring.
  • Colima Volcano National Park: this is located almost 200 kilometers from the coast where Manzanillo is located, in case you decide to make an excursion to this park we recommend you take a whole day, With your rental car you can go at your own pace and the time you want depending on your sports performance, as this will be a demanding walk, but you can not miss. 

Your best rental option when visiting Manzanillo is Infinity Car Rental, we give you the option to do it in advance online or in person in our offices. 

You can choose the car that best suits the type of trip, number of companions and budget you have, we want you to have the best possible experience. 

In your contract will come insurance included by rate, these have no additional cost, in case you want to add extras such as baby seats, gps among others to your rent to make your trip more comfortable, You can do this online or by arriving at our office.