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Discover the infinite in Mexico City 

Know me, as the capital of the country I have many things to offer, so many that you will need days in your visit to know each of my wonders. To divide me the villagers have appointed delegations that have been in charge of nourishing culture, entertainment and gastronomy. 

Among my activities you can enjoy walks among nature with my fantastic forests and parks, cultural tours through my hundreds of museums or plan to visit as many gastronomic centers as you can so that you know dishes that have been awarded worldwide. 

During your stay you will see that not only the Mexican culture in which it coexists between my streets, you can also discover different spaces in which inhabitants of different parts of the world have decided to share their culture to the delight of my inhabitants and travelers.

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The CDMX, as its inhabitants call it, is ranked number 10 of the most populated cities in the world, this you have to take into account when you are touring its streets or visiting some attraction, Still you won’t be deprived of enjoying the beauty of knowing this great city.  Some of the places we recommend you to know during your stay are: 

  • Forest of San Juan de Aragón: this is a public park located in the Gustavo A Madero delegation in which you can make bicycle rides, a lake, cultural recreational areas and green areas where you can spend a great time with those you love. 
  • Chapultepec Forest: located within the city of Miguel Hidalgo contains green areas, archaeological zones, a lake, a zoo, cultural and sports recreational areas, museums and the only castle in the American continent. 
  • Historic Center: you will find a large number of museums such as the Franz Mayer, the MUNAL and the Templo Mayor, as well as the Alameda Central Park, the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the zocalo.  
  • Coyoacán Center: located in the delegation with the same name has markets where you can buy crafts or eat typical food of the area. You can also visit the legendary Blue House of Frida Kahlo or take a walk through the central esplanade where the emblematic fountain of coyotes is located. 

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To move around Mexico City with a rental car is a very comfortable option, especially if you are traveling with several people. You will also have the possibility to travel to magical towns or cities near the city.

You will get to know different corners of the CDMX in the same day, places that could be difficult to reach if you travel on foot. So when you are in the center you can find one of the Infinity Car Rental offices to make this trip possible.