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Get to know the magic of a colonial city like Queretaro in a rental car from Infinity Car Rental

Cobbled streets, surrounded by buildings that tell the story of the origin of our country as we know it nowadays.

I was home to illustrious, forward-thinking greats, hungry youth willing to fight for a brighter future and greater purpose for our country. The reason is that in my streets you will be able to unravel the memories of those who fought for our independence.

It was here where it was forged and where the revolutionary joust that led us to our freedom began, so you can consider it the cradle of independence.

And although my history is an important part of my character, I do not limit myself to that alone because that only serves to remind us of what we are made of, I also have my other attractions, such as magical towns, places where you can connect with nature and endless corners that still need to be explored.

Discover me step by step and kilometer by kilometer, you will not regret it.

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When we talk about Querétaro, we are certainly talking about a destination so rich and diverse that it meets the expectations of even the most demanding traveler. Starting with the fact that it is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Mexico, and even its historic center has been considered a World Heritage Site since 1996 by UNESCO.

Taking the historic center as a starting point, we recommend that you visit its main points, which allows you to learn about the most relevant aspects of the history of the city and the country.

Secondly, we recommend you visit the Plaza de Armas and the Government Palace, which was also the home of Corregidora Leona Vicario, one of the fundamental pillars of the Independence of Mexico.

Among the sites that are almost obligatory stops is the Panteón de los Queretanos Ilustres and the Regional Museum of Querétaro, among others.

But the adventure does not end only in the streets of the city, the outskirts are just as interesting and captivating, so we recommend having a rental car in Querétaro at your disposal that allows you to break distances, travel calm and comfortable.

Infinity Car Rental has a fleet that goes from economy cars to full-size vehicles that will adapt to your travel needs. Not to mention that the process of renting a car in Querétaro with Infinity Car Rental is simple and fast, so you can enjoy your entire trip without setbacks.

And so that you can take advantage of your rental car in Querétaro, we tell you which destinations on the outskirts of the city are obligatory stops for all travelers. Something that will undoubtedly take your breath away is touring the Sierra Gorda, its canyons carved by the Santa María, Extóraz and Moctezuma rivers, will captivate you and, since you are here, you can take the missions route and sleep in one of the such of its magical towns as Jalpan de Serra or Pinal de Amoles.

Following your tour with your rental car in Querétaro, you cannot miss the opportunity to go to Tequisquiapan to fly in a hot air balloon or pamper your palate by doing the wine and cheese route, touring its many vineyards.

Last but not least, Querétaro has three archaeological zones: Ranas, Toluquilla and El Cerrito, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, so we highly recommend adding these stops to your travel itinerary while touring the place with your rental car in Querétaro.

Adventure is out there, waiting for you to decide to discover the world on your terms with a rental car with Infinity Car Rental.

  • Querétaro has been the capital of the Mexican Republic on two occasions: the first in 1847 and in 1917, during the Mexican Revolution.
  • The 1917 constitution was promulgated at the Teatro de la República in Querétaro on February 5.
  • The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is the only reserve where the six species of wild cats that inhabit Mexico live: Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Wildcat, Jaguarundi and Margay.