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Visit the rainforest in a rental car in Tuxtla Gutierrez with Infinity Car Rental and drive through its roads

Located in the southern part of the Mexican Republic, Tuxtla Gutierrez is characterized by a tropical climate, due to the exuberant jungle that embraces it and dresses its landscapes in a delicious emerald green.

The capital of Chiapas, and it is the strategic starting point to trace your routes and get to know the entire state if you wish. And the best way to do it is in a rental car at the Tuxtla Gutierrez airport.

Infinity Car Rental has the best cars for rent in Tuxtla Gutierrez, which will fit your travel needs, regardless of whether you are traveling lightly or in large groups.

Imagine having the complete freedom to choose your routes and even explore without a fixed course, comfortably and without pressure of any kind. The decision to have the trip of your life is in your hands, rent a car in Tuxtla Gutiérrez with Infinity and discover what lies beyond.

If you still can't imagine everything you can do with a rental car in Tuxtla Gutiérrez with Infinity Car Rental, we leave you with a few options, so you can start planning your next adventure.

The first thing you should do when you pick up your rental car in Tuxtla Gutierrez is to go to its historic center, where you will be transported to the past as soon as you set foot on its cobbled streets where  you will be able to see first-hand what life is like in this city. You will even taste some local snacks that give you the complete experience.

After having immersed yourself in the local life, the next step is to delight yourself with the imposing beauty of the Sumidero Canyon at one of its viewpoints or, take the longest road to Chiapa de Corzo where you can do the aquatic and passing tour, also get to know this magical town.

And of course, we cannot miss San Cristobal de las Casas, the Chiapas tourist destination beyond comparison, every year, thousands of tourists come to marvel at its colorful streets, its sunrises that seem to be taken from a suspense movie and of course, the famous coffee, harvested in Chiapas lands.

Of course, there are many corners and destinations to discover, but we leave that up to you because we want you to discover the passion of touring Mexico, kilometer by kilometer with a rental car from Infinity Car Rental.

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When you talk about me, you can't help noticing my beauty and how interesting I am… And why wouldn't you?

I am the older sister of all the daughters of Chiapas, which, by the way, is one of the most beautiful states of Mexico. Here natural beauty abounds, which, combined with my indigenous roots and the architecture of the colony, forms a perfect amalgamation to make even the most demanding visitor fall in love with me because I have everything everyone  looks for.

While you explore me and discover on your own, you will be able to see my rivers, canyons, hills, waterfalls, cathedrals, magical towns, and you will even be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee, harvested on my land.

With me, there are no limits, only opportunities to experience me from different perspectives every day.

I'll wait for you so that soon we can discover the true meaning of the Infinite.

Sincerely: Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

  • There are three mountain ranges: Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Sierra Madre Oriental, and Sierra Madre del Norte.
  • It is the main coffee producer in Mexico and is considered one of the most important in the world.
  • It is one of the states of the Mexican Republic with the greatest presence of indigenous languages. About 12 languages are spoken, 11 of them of Mayan origin and 1 of Mixe-Zoque-Popoluca origin.